How much earns Catherine Dowbor? Earnings amazing stunned

How much earns Catherine Dowbor? Legendary TV star, how conceded, He was underestimated as a presenter on TV. Is now earns more competitive station?

Catherine Dowbor recently seriously ill. Wyznała, he has thyroid problems and must daily take up to three types of drugs. Recently undergone surgery, which was successful. Catherine Dowbor suffers from Graves', autoimmune disease. Her illness is incurable, but according to the sources, after years of learned to live with it. Kasia leads a healthy lifestyle and is an advocate of natural treatments. But running the program Nasz nowy dom It causes fatigue and insomnia, więc, instead of reaching hypnotics, She began writing stories for children.

Jesteście ciekawi, What else does the legendary Polish star? How much does he earn? Zapraszamy do artykułu!

How much earns Catherine Dowbor?

once led Pytanie na śniadanie, garden Dowborową i Happy 13-TKE was released two months before his 30 jubilee work. According to one of the tabloids, presenter of the last two years working on TVP earned only 850 zł. To improve your budget, presenter was then conducted further events and events. We wrześniu 2013 r. involved with Polsat, where he runs a program Nasz nowy dom. The popular star with the repair crew helps poor families in rebuilding their home. Casual meets with human drama and suffering.

Are you a writer Katarzyna Dowbor?

Kasia is a happy grandmother Janina and Helena, which is often tells tales. Sam comes up with interesting stories, and at the same time it is extremely empathetic and funny. According to sources close to her friend she advised her, He began to publish them. Thus, with the known creator tales, Marcin Koziol, This year seemed three volumes of "riding the rainbow". The authors agree that:

- It's a fantastic book, unique. They tell of love and tolerance, a także o tym, as horses communicate with each other, as well as with people. It's wonderful items are not just for kids, but also for adults.

Znaki Zodiaku

Catherine Dowbor ends his career?

Catherine Dowbor is undoubtedly one of the biggest legends of Polish television. Choć przyznaje, he loves his job, and carrying out the program of the hit television program Polsat "Our new home" is encouraged doping coming increasingly considering a profession full-time writer. Catherine Dowbor supports her son, Maciej Dowbor Joanna and daughter-in-Koroniewska, ambassadors who have recently been reading to children campaign.

We can guess how much he earns Catherine Dowbor, because it is economically active and there is no shortage of ideas on her self. From January also leads your account on a daily basis and instragramie it comes more and more followers.

Ms. Kasia wish good health and success career!


Catherine Dowbor in January set up a profile on Instagram. Her profile is already tracking close 15 tys. obserwatorów.

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