The most expensive divorce in history! Wife gets over 250 BILLION

Divorce the most expensive in the world unfolds before our eyes! Every day a lot of divorced couples, However, in a few cases of leaving the whole world says. But hard to pass by divorce multibillionaire, especially when we are talking about 250 billions of zlotys, which may accrue divorcee.

Jeff Bezos is the name of the greatest years in business. Prezes, CEO and chairman of the board of Amazon boasts a considerable wealth. W 2018 he was hailed by the agency Bloomberg the richest man in the world. His fortune magazine Forbes He estimated at 149 miliardów dolarów! But now the eyes of the world are turned to the businessman not for reasons of industry, but private. Bezos is faced with probably the most expensive divorce in the world.

The most expensive divorce in history: Jeff Bezos

Bezos is known primarily for its financial success and an inspiration to many people around the world - before he built his empire, for years he worked as a financial analyst. The richest man in the world so far very guarded his private life and emotional. About Privacy multibillionaire did not talk much, seemed so, Bezos that marriage going well. Nic bardziej mylnego: in front of a pair of the most expensive divorce in the world, which does not put a rich man in the light of a particularly preferred.

Jak się okazało, daylight flowed spicy SMS, that multi-billionaire named the journalist, Laura Sanchez. They met some time ago, 49-Sanchez year-old Bezos met by her husband - an agent of great Hollywood stars such as Matt Damon, Adele Hugh Jackman. National Enquirer, who first reported the betrayal businessman, zapewnia, it is also in possession of spicy pictures exchanged between Sanchez and Bezos, However, tabloid journalists persist, the pictures are too vulgar, to publish it.

Bezos, who suddenly found himself under fire, quickly gave public statement on divorce.

-We are incredibly happy, that we found each other and appreciate each year of our marriage. Even if we knew, that will part the 25 latach, we would not do anything differently - wrote on his twitter profile multi-billionaire.

also asserts, it has long been common knowledge about this, they are with his wife MacKenzie separated. The couple have four children together, and the same MacKenzie is a writer by profession. The most expensive divorce could cost the world more than a businessman's reputation. Szacuje się, Bezos that the wife can get up to half her husband's assets, czyli około 250 miliardów złotych! If that happened, Bezos would fall automatically in the ranking of the richest people in the world until 5. miejsce.


the most expensive divorce

Jeff Bezos has recently been declared the richest man in the world.

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