“I could not say goodbye to him”. The widow of President of Gdansk is distraught

Pawel Adamowicz assumed the office of Mayor of Gdansk 1998 r. Less than a year later, he married Magdalena Abramska. Together they raised two daughters - the older Antoinette (yearbook 2003) Teresa and younger (yearbook 2010).

„I could not say goodbye to him”. The widow of President of Gdansk is distraughtUdostępnij

Magdalena is a doctor of law and an assistant professor in the Department of Maritime Law at the University of Gdansk. To właśnie tam, still in college, she met her future husband, who worked at the university as an assistant.

In an interview for "Gazeta Wyborcza" 2013 r. assured, Adamowicz that despite the many responsibilities, It helps her in raising children.

Especially when the second daughter married father became more mature and a lot of help. Oczywiście, when he is at home. Many can do with the baby, and colleagues have, who even praise, that never rewound their children - said the wife of the late President

The family of President of Gdansk was the highest value. He spent with his wife and children every free moment

"I would like to, so you you ever danced "

Magdalena quoted earlier in the interview, also he spoke about his passions, which is to dance and how she tried to convince the president of Gdansk hobby.

As men something przeskrobią, women usually want, these flowers to apologize, and I say - "lesson". And I note this carefully. Many years ago to improve the skills of dance inspired me Buzek. We were at a party in a small group, and I had the pleasure of dancing with him. It's the best dancer, jakiego znam. Paul also good dancing, but it is still champion. I told him: "I would like to, so you you ever danced " - then the woman admitted

Pawel Adamowicz wife had already accumulated dozens of such lessons for the future.

Once the husband does not want to agree, but finally he agreed and said,: „No dobrze, I'll go with you on such lessons ". I dream, that to happen ...

Unfortunately, the lawyer will never be able to dance with her husband

Their plans and dreams brutally thwarted an attempt on the president of Gdansk.

She was out of the country ...

During the attack, In that Stefan. made on Adamowiczu, woman stayed just in the United States. There they are taught the older daughter. She could not be at your Paul, when he was in serious condition and fighting for his life.

She'd only come to London, where he was sent after her special plane.

A spokeswoman Joanna Kopcińska government announced on Monday (13 stycznia) rano, that the wife of the President of Gdansk - Magdalena Adamowicz - has sent a government plane

Niestety, Pawel Adamowicz wife had no time to say goodbye ...

Mayor of Gdansk died in hospital at the age of 54 lat.

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