They threw stones at a dog. Teenager wanting to defend him had to overcome your greatest fear.

16-Anita Valkova year-old girl is feisty, which does not lack courage, but one of fear. Terrified of dogs.

Anita once had an experience with an aggressive dog, whose owner was irresponsible, since then she was afraid of dogs, she did not trust them and tried to avoid them.

Anita was waiting at the school for dad, who had to pick her up, gdy zobaczyła, the next group of children torturing a dog, throwing stones at him.

The animal was terribly wounded and skomlało, but that did not stop attackers, still the highest cruelty hurled stones at him.

Anita forces which rushed toward them and screaming like a possessed dispersed them by threatening, notify the police.

Reluctant to abandon the cruel fun and fled.

Then he drove the girl's father, but he did not want to take your dog to the car, because this bleeding heavily.

Anita then have to overcome your fear, much it cost, but he took the dog in his arms and carried it to the vet.

She could not forgive his father behavior. After an argument at home, let her parents take care of the dog, when you can no longer collect it from the clinic. The condition was that, that it will do the same.

She called the dog and took Alfeiya home.

Nie było łatwo. Anita still afraid. The first bath was terrible as mentioned sixteen.

She was afraid of the dog, and the dog water. Both were horrified, but on our own.

After breaking the first fears have become very comfortable and there was between them a strong feeling of love, gratitude and affection.

Today Afeiya became a beloved member of the household and the family pet. Even my father spoils him and he has a weakness for him.

For lovers of tetrapods probably hard to understand the fear of Anita, but her fear was stronger than it really.

Today, fortunately, there is no sign of him. Anita is a big fan and lover of all dogs. And it owes ago słodziakowi, who taught her how loyal and lovable dogs are.

Share this inspiring story, It can help someone overcome his fear.

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