CASE Iwona WIECZOREK: Basin evil

Tracking down the killers of Iwona Wieczorek hit a allotments in the area of ​​the street Haller. It's tens of hectares of greenery, Energa near the Arena in Gdansk. In some allotments - a more or less makeshift homes - live their owners. They lived here before the war Germany. The land lies in this place a lot of secrets and hiding places- starych, former German cellars, wells, etc.. The place is surrounded by a dark aura, to commit the perfect crime and hiding the victim's body. This place half-wild. He lives there permanently some people with criminal records.

Marcus Visionary Szwedowski, He described the region "basin of evil", not only because of the living: - Although almost every day I have contact with the dead, I feel exceptionally uncomfortable - admitted Szwedowski, who, along with me and other members of the foundation appeared on the scene in June 2016 roku. But he opted, behind this, Iwona evening that the body was hidden in the area of ​​Park Reagan, closer to the sea.

After the end of June 2016 I was able to reach two of the Tri-City underworld, which also maintained, Iwona that evening was held at the site near the Energa Arena, and that there was murdered.

According to information gathered by me thrown her into an old well or cesspool sewage. Such devices were looking for in April this year in the Reagan Park. Bez skutku. At that time we were still confident, the girl's body is hidden in the forest complex. thought, that the body was hidden near the place, Iwona where he was last seen. So probably it would be, if the crime was committed unplanned. Then the killer ukryłby body near the place of murder. In the case of this crime was all planned, including the point of hiding the body.

Teens drove her torturers probably a few kilometers away. It was a very well known around them. There 's been here more than once. Allotments in the area of ​​the street Haller, However, this huge area, and it can not be searched without further guidance. And these were coming to us every day.

Of course, we did not have the absolutely certain, that our suspicions are confirmed. They decided to leave the police verification, which gave results of our investigation.

6 lipca 2016 I made the Regional Police Headquarters in Gdansk testimony about investigative journalism and foundation activities on the trail, related to the disappearance of Iwona Wieczorek. I pointed to the possible hiding place of corpses, and the alleged perpetrators of the crime. My testimony had to be convincing for investigators, as asked me, I remained still in Gdansk, as it was planned search area indicated by me.

The next morning at the hotel in Gdansk Brzeźno come after me, Agnes and Paul - young police officers, who ran the day before my interrogated. I had to go with them on the streets of Lily of the valley. They did not agree, however, that I may go by car. Police procedures do not allow for it, as a witness because I was on the point, how to get to the places, at all the way it was recorded. When you arrive at the plot for about 40 minute protocol was written down this strange action. All in all, I do not know why, because I do not think it did not matter on, and it took only valuable time, that could be spent on exploration. And these were carried out by me quite superficially. They took less time than the writing of the protocol on the route from the hotel to the street Lily of the valley. What apparently is standard, according to the procedures. The most important securities are!

And action? On site appeared several-police team along with the "Balloon" - dog to look for the corpse and his guide. She was also a representative of the municipality, which is majority owned plots in the area.

7 lipca 2016 was checked 3 estates, cesspool, ponds and wells - a total of about 2000 metrów kwadratowych. Although it is a small area, searching it was very cursory and quite chaotic. The use of liam hound also differed from the current procedures in this regard. They let him in a few minutes after the puncture area, moreover also deviate from the standards. In such a short time, the smell of corpses does not reveal itself.

I had the impression, that just about checking off work. The police probably had a different opinion and concluded, that the area has been proven perfectly. With what I took issue over the next weeks, and finally I have inclined officers to re-search the premises, which can be hidden body teen. It was not easy. Actually, unobtrusive investigators for several days, I sent another material confirming this hypothesis. I felt like an intruder in this, which disrupts the dog-days. But I put on his. To, that the police re-entered the same area, oznacza, I had very strong arguments, to persuade them to do so. For obvious reasons I can not disclose all the details.

21 lipca 2016 I took part in a police experiment, which was aimed among other things, to verify my version about hiding the body of Iwona Wieczorek. I pointed to a place, where they could be thrown out of her shoes. Police also presented his hypothesis about the events, that took place in this region: event after event.

According to my knowledge Iwona Wieczorek was brought in the morning 17 lipca 2016 year to land allotments in the area of ​​streets and Haller Green Way. I pointed police 5 specific plots, which may be associated in various ways with the case. On one of them - according to me - could be hidden. When it was brought there, probably still alive. She was killed in the morning and left her body in the shed. It was already too is light, get ready to "grave". Only at night captors moved the body prepared for teenagers during the day "graves". Its remains could be dissolved in acid and lime.

22 lipca 2016 roku. started there - at my request - re-search. Policjanci, with the support of firefighters, checking indicated plot, it dug in several places. From the pits had to pump out water, as heavy rain fell.

Wiadomo, that in the course of this search found traces relevant to the case. Unfortunately I could not take direct part in this quest. For a time I watched them from the street. Although the plot is small, it and so that day is not tested in its entirety, and only about 100 metrów kwadratowych. Then they do not specifically searched neighboring plots, I mentioned the police from the beginning.

22 lipca, około godziny 14.00, policemen and firemen quickly left the plot, not even showering dug pits and ordering property. They took with them the traces found, as admitted that investigators, They went to the lab. Information about the search for media dollars. For a few days I was swamped with questions by journalists. The police gave the media in this case extremely unreliable information: „- The area covered by the search for a few dozen hectares and is concentrated around the place, where he stopped after Iwona Wieczorek track. Police are steps of the week with the support of companies with video equipment and pumps and drain. The work focuses on both the drains, as well as wetlands and forests. We verify the area, in which it is supposed to be hidden the body of a missing Sorry, place we indicated to us quite vague, we need to engage in the activities of dozens of officers and probably the same number of employees of private companies. - he confirmed in an interview with Chamberlain of us. Mariusz Mejer, new head of the investigation department of the PCC in Gdansk "- - reported" Gazeta Wyborcza ".

As an eyewitness and the person searching, which pointed to, I was both amused and disgusted by this type of information submitted by investigators and journalists nieweryfikowanymi. Let me remind you, therefore,, I pointed out that a very precise area, which have a maximum 2000 metrów, of which searched 1/20. I showed also a place, where they could be thrown shoes Iwona Wieczorek. To this day it has not been proven. Like the other at a location nearby. A total area 300 times smaller than the Reagan Park, who searched very carefully. The terrain is not very difficult to verify the exact. However - despite the bombastic announcement - this is not done. I would have done it a long time alone, I could dig and search other people's Land.

During the search 22 lipca 2016 roku, I met in Gdansk also with Roman R. - radiesthesia from Elblag, który w 2012 the appointed place, where supposedly would be to delay teenagers. It is also the area of ​​plots street Haller, so that near the stadium Gedanii.

Information diviner has never been verified by the police, like many other signals transmitted by the seers, fairies and other persons using the unconventional methods. As a rule, they are not checked by the police. It was different with my application, it has been taken very seriously (…).

Janusz Szostak

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