SWEDEN: Syrian raped a 15-year-old, a 17-year-old previously. Judgment shocks łagonością

23-year-old Syrian man was sentenced to 2 lat i 8 months in prison rape a 15-year old girl at a festival in the summer Emmaboda 2017 roku.

Latem 2017 the 15-year-old girl went to the festival in Smaland Emmaboda with friends. There was raped by a person from Syria seeking asylum in Sweden.

The girl went to bed in his tent, but she was awakened by an unknown man pull-up slider and trying to talk to her broken Swedish and Arabic.

The girl was confused and wary. The man asked, that touched his frozen hands, but the teenager refused to say definitely and clearly said, he wants, man went to.

But he did not do it.

- He kissed her against her will, He held her on the mattress, wiedziała, what will happen and screamed so loud, jak tylko mogła. Then he became aggressive, it was clear, he decided, that is doing something wrong. He held his hand covered her mouth and nose, so she could not scream or breathe. panicked, when he said, that has a knife, and she cried again, and then - the judge said in the grounds of the judgment in the judgment. - He bit her neck so tight, it seemed, that made her hole. He pulled off her dress and bit her right breast. The victim said, że ​​it hurts and does not want sex. He undid his pants and pulled up her dress and raped her vaginally. – He describes the judge - The ratio last minute. Kiedy skończył, He hitched up his pants. Then she drew attention, she looks terrified, wondered if, why are you afraid of him. The girl answered, że ​​they were. Arab apologized, and then they left tent.

During the trial the accused admitted, he had a knife. Was a teenager, that the striker is ready to kill her. He moved the knife toward her thighs and on her chest.

- The victim was very frightened, zszokowana, She felt sick and humiliated, panicked, taken to hospital, where she was examined - says the verdict. - The life of a girl was completely destroyed, and she suffers from, among others, the post-traumatic stress. Still she feels very bad and has a depression, He had contact with the school counselor and psychologist and is in the process of treatment of traumatic.

Kara to 2 lata i 8 miesięcy więzienia, as well as the expulsion of ten years from Sweden.

Wiadomo, that the immigrant has two children and two brothers in Sweden.

The man was already convicted for sexual assault rape 17-year-old girl.


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