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Małgorzata Rozenek: the age of the star many years arouses great controversy. Media speculate on the date of her birth and floated another theory on the subject. Recently announced Rozenek, that will award one million people, which proves, that was not born in 1978 roku. Meet details!

Małgorzata Rozenek: wiek Perfect lady of the house is a real mystery! Rozenek insists, że ma 40 lat, although about her age to use competitive color magazines, undermining the authority of the stars in this matter. Można odnieść wrażenie, celebrities that age is the biggest secret of Polish show business.

How old is Margaret Rozenek?

This question alone knows the answer only interested, although it insists, she was born in 1978 roku. Recently, one of the fans posted a comment on Instagram, in which she suggested, Rozenek that has more than forty years. The same interested reacted strongly:

- Dear, I give a person a million zlotys, which proves, I was not born 01.06.1978 – said Margaret.

They come to light more and more information on the age of the stars of TVN, and people create numerous theories about this, While springs have Malgorzata.

Małgorzata Rozenek: age of a star is a real mystery!

Although it is widely recognized, that women should not ask about age, birthday Rozenek still raises huge doubts. Goshia insists, she was born in the late eighties, But what the fans have to a lot of doubt.

On his Instagram profile celebrity willing to publish photos of everyday life and it happens, that met with criticism from fans, who accuse her of using beauty treatments. Margaret care about their beauty and subjected to numerous treatments of aesthetic medicine, as long as possible to keep a young and fresh look, so it is difficult to determine, exactly how old is the star. Nie ma wątpliwości co do tego, że Perfekcyjna Pani Domu He wants to hide the passage of time and to this end, struggling with gravity. In his struggle it is so effective, it's hard to say unambiguously, how old is. It can be said, that is downright obsessed with their appearance. Jak myślicie, Gretel really communicate million zlotys ago, who prove, her date of birth is different? With bated breath waiting for the solution to this enigmatic issue!


Małgorzata Rozenek: wiek @m_rozenek

Jak sądzicie, how old it is really Margaret Rozenek?

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