Wpadka w Kole Fortuny. This lady became a hit internet

Wpadka w Kole Fortuny, which happened to be the last one of the game show contestants, not only amused the audience, but surfers. Until recently, she played us wrong answer another participant in the program - it's already famous slogan "Clinic lone cheese". Knocked Mrs. Bridget has already become a hit internet.

While some overlap in the head, how so much can go wrong in the obvious answer, then the answer is very simple - stress and nerves do their job and are able to baffle everyone. Na szczęście, both leading, and participants have repeatedly proved, they can approach their mistakes with distance. What was the latest setback in the Wheel of Fortune?

Funny response participants Wheels of Fortune

As in the case "Clinic lone cheese" It was about to guess the password and athlete at a time, a lot of letters where it was discovered. The task seemed difficult, especially since the category was known password - in this case it was the "education". Wszystko wskazywało na to, Mrs. Bridget guess password, which they were "Classes compensatory". The answer was, however, participants "Classes ... warownicze?”

This setback in the Wheel of Fortune will be long in the memory of viewers. Sam leading Rafal Brzozowski could not resist laughing 😉

Wheel of Fortune in the setback can happen to anyone!

Although Mrs. Bridget setback actually was quite funny and again gave Rafał Brzozowski and Isabella Krzan reasons to smile, the most important is to distance himself.

Ms. Bridget also wybrnęła the situation uśmiechem, and another participant guessed password. Anyone happens to go wrong, especially under time pressure, cameras and fight for the prize. This is not the first and certainly not the last setback in the Wheel of Fortune. See the funny video!


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slip-up in the wheel of fortune @Wszystko Bright / screen

Co-host Izabella Krzan also could not help but smile.

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